Iyami bottle created and spellcast with the magickal intention of serving as a powerful talisman of protection in the homes of mothers/maternal figures/female identified caregivers who are in need of comfort and solace.  The crystal sealing the powerful spells are red jasper and moonstone.

  When I was conjuring for this Iyami bottle, I made sure that my definition of “Mother” was wide and diverse enough to include but are not limited to: female/femme identified legal and spiritual guardians, adoptive mothers, ballroom house mothers, drag house mothers, people who need emotional healing after having an abortion, and people who through circumstance had to be their own mothers.

*This magickal item is NOT vegan friendly*

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-Comes with ritual suggestion parchment-

This Iyami bottle was created with several powerful spells of aggressive protection, money drawing, and unconditional love drawing magick,  DO NOT let anyone touch this item besides yourself!

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Weight 8.75 oz


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