Handcrafted Iyami/witch bottle created with the magickal intention of serving as a powerful portal to creating a loving and sacred safe space for the owner in their locker room space as well as a guardian against instances of the evil eye being thrown their way.

This spell is inclusive of all genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations and applies to everyone who falls under the stripper profession umbrella including but not limited to: strippers, pole artists, and burlesque performers.

*Ritual suggestions/instructions included*

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It goes without saying that locker rooms at strip clubs are very powerful portals of collective energy and this Iyami bottle was created to serve its owner as a powerful talisman of Protection and sacred space creating.

*This potion is NOT vegan friendly *

This Iyami bottle was created with:

-Lots of loving and fiercely protective magick.

-Organic and wildcrafted botanical ingredients.

-Animal parts that are either naturally shed and/or humanely collected with permission.

-A celesyite crystal charged by the light of the full moon.

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