Midnight black floating candle has been created with the intention of serving as a powerful magickal aid in petitioning the powerful Orisha Oya for help and protection as the forceful winds of change clear the way to a path of strength.  Each herb, resin, and essential oil used in the dressing of this candle has been ritually charged with protection spells and incantations.  Maferefun Oya!!

**This product is vegan friendly**

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Orin (Song) to Oya

Hoy hay toque de bembe (Today a feast is going on)

En el cabildo de Oya (In the temple of Oya)

En la fiesta que le brindan (It is a feast being offered)

Los hijas de Obatala (by the daughters of Obatala)

Iyankamae Iyankama-o (oh Great Mother of the Dead)

Si me abres las puertas (Oh Great Ruler of Death)

Yo to dara de comer (Clear my paths, accept my offering)


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