Handcrafted with the loving assistance and blessings of Mother Nature and the Orisha of all things sensual and sweet, Oshun.   This all natural and lush floral bath is abundant with moisturizing botanicals including organic calendula, sunflower infused tupelo honey, and fae blessed elderflowers. 

*Complimentary Instruction Scroll for shower, sink, and bathtub use is included*

*Complimentary Muslin bag included*

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Oshun, Goddess of Sweetness, is known to have calmed a raging heart by sensually and unapologetically covering herself in honey.  There is universe altering power to be had when we learn the fine art of re-claiming the divine sensuality on our own terms.    Channel your inner Oshun and adorn your precious body in honey and flowers!

Contains:  organic calendula officinalis (calendula),  organic melissa officinalis (lemon balm), organic sambucus nigra (elderflowers), organic symphytum officinale, honey, organic Citrus sinensis (orange peel), organic cucurbita pepo seed flakes (pumpkin)


This product is:

-Handcrafted and spellcast in small batches

-Fragrance Free

-Vegetarian friendly

-Spellcast with the blessings of Yeye Oshun

-Filled with lots fat positive magick

-Not tested on animals

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