Celebrate the beauty of your awesomely fat self with these fun soaps that have been lovingly infused with a custom blend of wildcrafted sacred datura and chamiso flower essences.  Scented with fat-tastic notes of freshly cut pineapple, warm vanilla, sweet coconut, and a touch of cilantro.  Viva La Fattie!



This artisan soap is lovingly handcrafted with skin loving mango butter and lunar infused flower essences.

Directions:  While showering or bathing, lovingly apply your Magickal Fattie soap, you can apply it either directly onto your body or lather it up on a washcloth or bath sponge and enjoy pampering the spellbindingly fat and beautiful skin that you’re in!

Contains:  sorbitol, sodium cocoate, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, water, glycerin, honey, mangifera indica seed butter (mango seed butter) fragrance, glycerin, solvent yellow 172, resin, pigment, alcohol, 4 x dilution of wildcrafted datura wrightii infusion, 4 x infusion of wildcrafted atriplex canescens

This soap is:

-Made with loving fat positivity and magickal intentions

-Detergent free

-Paraben free

-Handcrafted in Small Batches

-Sulfate free

-Not Tested on Animals

Precautions:    For external use only.  Swirl pattern on the back of soaps will vary. This soap contains glycerin and may “sweat”, which will not affect the performance of the soap. Keep away from small children and pets.

Additional information

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full size bar, mini goddess bar


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