Beautiful ruby red floating candle spellcast specifically for water invocation rituals that center around learning to honor/worship the beautiful sexual and sensual magick found within consenting fat bodies. She is hand engraved with a veve of the mysterious and powerful  lwa who rules over the realms of esoteric erotic magick, fertility, prosperity, and unrelenting protection, La Baleine.  Ritually anointed with sacred oils that have been infused with botanicals, resins, and essential oils representing the four elements of the earth, this candle is here to light your inner fire! 

Burn Time on top of water:  4-5 hours.  It can be used in more than one sitting.

Includes suggestions of invocation rituals and respectful offerings to La Baleine

**This product is vegan friendly**

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Magickal Intention:  Honoring the sacred sexuality of fat bodies and those who have the privilege of having and/or worshiping them.

Respect Offerings to La Baleine:  ocean water, anything with a marine motif, something tasty that a whale might eat, bowl of goldfish crackers, a beautiful picture of a whale underneath the sea.

La Baleine, The lwa (spirit within the Haitian vodou pantheon of deities) who manifests as a massive beautiful black whale who presides over the seven seas and all of their untold secrets and treasures  alongside  her mermaid lover La Sirene.   La Baleine is unapologetic about the physical, spiritual, and magickal space that she takes up just as her lover La Sirene is unapologetic in the pride, lust, and adoration that she feels for her much larger whale bodied beloved.  There are untold worlds of power in that unapologetic pride.  Take a deep breath and explore the wide open sea of guilt-free fat bodied sensuality.

Precautions:  Before proceeding to do anything with lighting any kind of heat source, you must always take precautions. Make sure you are near a water source, such as your kitchen, bathroom, a fire extinguisher or even a bowl of water next to your ritual space.

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