Creation in devotion to the powerful Germanic Goddess Hulda, this loose incense is a hand ground potion of organic and wildcrafted botanical spirit allies including juniper, roses, mugwort, and organic black spruce essential oil. 

*This product contains honey and is not vegan friendly*

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The moon is my consort

The wolves are my children

The rivers are my blood

The mountains are my blood

Hold no fear here, for you are safe.


Magickal Intent:  To surround you in the protection of the dark mountain forest where the Goddesses of the north hold court and reside in power.  To serve as a magickal aide in spellwork that centers on you healing, breathing freely, and coming away rejuvenated.

Deities Invoked:  Hulda and Heide

Precautions:  Before proceeding to do anything with lighting any kind of heat source, you must always take precautions. Make sure you are near a water source, such as your kitchen, bathroom, a fire extinguisher or even a bowl of water next to your ritual space.



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