This handcrafted and spellbound honey potion was inspired by the Witch Goddess Hekate.  Mysterious and soothing, this honey potion contains spellbinding ingredients including raw organic honey, organic herbs such as myrtle, mint, kava kava, and an intoxicating blend of flower essences. 



This soothing and spirit calming honey potion was created by invoking the Georgian (on the Black Sea) Goddess, Hekate, aka Queen of the Night, and Goddess of Witchcraft.  She is also known as the Queen of the Crossroads’ because she watches over the domain that hovers’ between life and death.  Hekate rules’ over several aspects’ including death, magic, wisdom, fertility, vengeance, justice and regeneration.  In other words’ she is the ultimate “Witch of All Trades”.   She is considered the matron of all women, but has a soft spot for midwives, witches, healers, and herbalists.


Instructions:  You can use your potion in a myriad of ways!  You can put a spoonful of honey into your hot beverage or a tub full of very warm water for a meditative bath. You can put a tiny drop onto the candle you’re using for love and self esteem invoking candle spells.  You can put a spoonful directly into your mouth to enjoy the blessings’ of Hekate.  The only limit is your fertile imagination!  Keep this jar in the sunlight and moonlight so that it can absorb more energy and love from the surrounding universe and turn over at least once a day.

Contains:  Raw  organic cotton honey, organic mentha piperita (peppermint), organic turnera diffusa leaves (damiana), organic lavandula angustifolia (lavender), organic centaurea cyanus flowers (cornflowers), Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort), organic viburnum opulus (cramp bark), organic myrtus communis (myrtle leaf), organic piper methysticum G. orst. root (kava kava), organic and kosher certified borago officinalis (borage flowers), organic and kosher certified jasminum sp. (jasmine flowers), glycerin, water, alcohol, 4 x dilution of wildcrafted datura wrightii infusion (sacred datura), 4x infusion of flowers of cereus greggii (queen of the night), 4 x dilution of wildcrafted solanum xanti (nightshade)

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