Lovingly infused with an abundance of freshly wildcrafted lilac blossoms, this deliciously edible handcrafted and spellbound multi-purpose honey potion was created in loving dedication to my beautiful, fragile, and resilient obsidian skinned Geechee ancestors.   This potion contains a myriad of spellcasting ingredients including rare organic Tupelo honey that has been lustily kissed with a sparkling touch of lavender essential oil and a custom blend of spirited flower essences including sacred datura and white willow tree, loving the skin that you’re in has never been so magickal! 

The taste is strongly floral with a slightly bittersweet after note that cleanses the palate and delights the senses.



Located among several islands off of the southeast coast of the United States, the Gullah/Geechee Nation has persevered to maintain its very strong link to our West African roots. Everything and in between including cooking, speaking, spirituality, oral traditions, and a dedication to preserving the environment in its natural state can all be traced to the pride in our beautiful roots and culture.  My kin left the islands generations ago but always maintained pride in our amazing Geechee ancestry.

Instructions:  You can use your potion in a myriad of ways!  You can put a spoonful of honey into your hot beverage or a tub full of very warm water for a meditative bath. You can put a tiny drop onto the candle you’re using for love, self esteem, protection, and ancestral devotion candle spells.  You even can put a small spoonful directly into your mouth to enjoy a bit of the magick found in Geechee culture.   The only limit is your fertile imagination!  Keep this jar in the sunlight and moonlight so that it can absorb more energy and love from the surrounding universe and turn over at least once a day.

Shelf Life:  Use Within 2 years.

Precautions:    Keep away from small children and pets.

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