Every plant and resin is a sacred vessel of fat, body, and queer positive healing, wisdom, and enchantment.  These beautiful little bottles holds a lovingly wildcrafted and blessed botanical spirit who has so much to teach you about the magick within and around you.  All you have to do is listen!

*This magick is vegan friendly!*


You can carry these botanical teachers around with you for protection, emotional support, and a portal of sacred earth magick.  They are loving reminders that every beautiful aspect of your being is a sacred and much needed part of this multiverse.

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botanical spirits

cacao, beech nut husk, broom snakeweed, white sage, rosemary, black copal, gold copal, frankincense, elder flower, rose, juniper, chamomile, mugwort, red clover, angel trumpet, cornflower, lavender


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