Bound in ancient and sacred rituals, songs, spells, botanicals, and resins for 6 moon cycles before reaching completion, this beautiful handcrafted box was created as a talisman of goddess blessed abundance and magickal fat positivity.  The spells are sealed within this box with lunar eclipse charged celestite and moonstone crystals that also serve to respectfully petition the universe to shower abundance and protection upon its owner.

The botanical guardian of this special Goddess Box is the cheerful coneflower wildcrafted from the lusciously wild sage scented mountains of New Mexico and the burned images are that of the trees and the unapologetically fat Venus of Willendorf

*This magickal item IS vegan friendly!*

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Measurements: L: 2.5”x W: 2.5” x H: 1.5”

Wt: 3.4 oz

The Magickal Intention of Each Fat Goddess Box is:

-To remind the owner of the beauty always blooming in the body, heart, and soul of the owner

-To serve as an unrelentingly fat positive guardian and spiritual cleanser of the owner’s most treasured mundane and magickal items.

-To serve as a deceptively beautiful but powerful talisman of protection to its owner

-To provide a constant visual reminder that fat is beautiful!

   Each of these boxes have all undergone several cleansing and charging rituals including being lovingly “fattened” with a custom made blend of resins, herbs, and oils before being burned with the blessed symbols of the Goddess.

*Comes with ritual suggestion parchment*

Additional information

Weight 3.4 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in


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