Spellcast over a complete moon cycle, this self feeding gris gris was spellcast to protect the energy of  female and/or femme identified fat bodied people of African descent who are under a constant barrage of negative gazes that include but are not limited to: misogynoir, racism, fat phobia, transphobia, homophobia, and colorism. 

  This gris gris was created as a love poem to the beauty of African Fatties everywhere!!

 The rituals conducted to create this gris-gris were intentionally inclusive of women/femmes of every gender expression, sexual orientation, shade of black, socio-economic status, and is sex worker embracing.

While this product is NOT vegan friendly,  a customized vegan version of this gris gris can be created upon special request. 

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Deities Respectfully Petitioned:  The Ancestors, Iyami, Oshun, Oya, Ngame, and Yemoja.

Each gris-gris comes with a ritual parchment full of suggestion on how to activate it with and without personal “items” such as hair, body fluids, etc.


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