This 5 day candle has been created with the intention of serving as a powerful magickal aid in blessing and protection focused spellwork for transmen.   Each herb, resin, and essential oil used in the dressing of this candle has been ritually charged with protection spells and incantations.

This magickally enhanced candle is spellbound with nsibidi symbols and spellcast botanicals. It is then lovingly packaged with dried botanicals and a ritual suggestion parchment.

**This product is vegan friendly**


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The blessing and protection spell is written onto the candle in nsbidi, an ancient written form of communication originated by the Ejagham (Ekoi) people who reside in southeastern Nigeria and is roughly translated as: “Female will take a journey to arise as a man, society will welcome/protect this man.”

Magickal Intent:  To encircle the transgender man in protection and strengthen him on his journey of self-discovery.  To serve as a reminder that he is a blessed child of the multiverse.

This Magickal Product is:

-Vegan friendly

-Spellcast with lots of fat and body positive energy

-Produced in small batches to maintain the integrity of magickal and energetic focus

-Spellcast with the blessings of the multiverse

Important Note:  The pattern and type of botanicals spellbinding each candle may sometimes vary depending on the season, availability, and spirit calling of each candle dressed.

Precautions:  Before proceeding to do anything with lighting any kind of heat source, you must always always take precautions. Make sure you are near a water source, such as your kitchen, bathroom, a fire extinguisher or even a bowl of water next to your ritual space.



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