This beautifully translucent ocean blue soap was lovingly handcrafted in dedication to the Aztec goddess of rivers, lakes, and still waters, Chalchihuitlicue.  Throughout her watery depths, spirit cleansing sea salt has been infused along with the magickal blessings found in sacred datura, wild yam, kava kava, and mugwort.   Last but not least, this soap is scented with notes of grapefruit, jasmine, ylang ylang, and heather.  Loving your magnificent curves, folds, and lusciousness has never felt so good!

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Also known as “She of the Jade Skirt”, Chalchihuitlicue is the Aztec queen of rivers, lakes, and still waters.  “Jade skirt” is a metaphor for the shining blue vastness of the still water that she presides’ over.  She is depicted with water-lilies, dressed in watery blues and greens, and sometimes has quetzal-feathers in Her hair.  She is also the goddess who presides over human and agricultural fertility who is also a goddess of chaos and destruction.  For the Aztecs, Chalchihuitlicue was the water goddess who was a personification of beauty and ardor. She was represented as a river from which grew a prickly pear cactus laden with fruit, symbolizing the human heart.  She is all things lush, fertile, and complexly dangerous.

Invoke the beauty and power of Chalchihuitlicue as you bathe in her floral and aquatic scented luxuriant bubbles while you take in the shining beautiful vastness of your own uniquely beautiful body.

This Product is:

-Made in Small Batches

-Vegan friendly

-Not Tested on Animals

– Preservative Free

-Made With Lots of Love and Fat Positivity!

Directions:  While showering or bathing, lovingly apply your Chalchihuilicue’s Salt and Datura Flower Essence Infused Soap either directly onto your body or lather it up on a washcloth, sponge, or loofah and enjoy pampering the beautiful and complex beautiful skin that you’re in!

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