Drawing upon the conjuration and hoodoo tradition of “Q Spells”, which catered exclusively to the spiritual and magickal needs of the glbtqi community, this hoodoo oil was lovingly created for masculine/male identified individuals who are looking to attract a submissive lover who is also masculine/male identified.

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Blended with botanical ingredients that include powdered stag horn, rosemary, organic essential oils, and cedar, this multi-purpose conjure oil than can be used in a variety of same sex (or gender expression) love and lust attraction spellwork including candle magick.  Each bottle is inscribed with moon glyphs as a final blessing and declaration of magickal intent along with the moon phase of when this particular batch was bottled and magickally sealed.  The moon glyphs for this spell translate as:

“Power” and it was bottled during the lunar first quarter.

All of my oils are joyously created in small batches with organic and/or wildcrafted botanical ingredients’.  All of the animal based ingredients’ (snake sheds, stag horn, spider webs, etc.)  in my spellwork have been lovingly and humanely collected with permission and gratitude.

For external use only.



Net Weight: 1 oz/ 28 g


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