Floating candle spellcast specifically for water invocation rituals that center around feeling a greater sense of connection to our universe and beyond.  She is hand engraved with an ancient talisman that symbolizes our universe and the ether. The spell is begun and completed with the candle being ritually anointed with sacred oils that have been infused with botanicals, resins, and essential oils representing the four elements of the earth.   

Burn Time on top of water:  4-5 hours.  It can be used in more than one sitting.

Includes a suggested invocation ritual

**This product is vegan friendly**

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Precautions:  Before proceeding to do anything with lighting any kind of heat source, you must always take precautions. Make sure you are near a water source, such as your kitchen, bathroom, a fire extinguisher or even a bowl of water next to your ritual space.


Net Wt: 1.6 oz/ 45g

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Weight 1.6 oz


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