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Balms, Botanical Oils, and Solid Perfumes

Lovingly handmade soothing emollients infused with wildcrafted and organic botanicals, essential oils, and extracts

Bubbling Bath Magick

Bath bombs, bath melts, shower steamers, and ritual baths infused with a dazzling array of flower essences, herb infused oils, and positive magickal intentions

Crimson Goddess

Containing only the finest organic and wildcrafted botanical ingredients, these luxury handmade bath, beauty, and ritual products lovingly spellcast for the sensual provider community.

Dollar Items

Enchantment on a budget!

Sacred Heart Potions

An endlessly enchanting selection of handmade flower essences, elixirs, and other assorted potions created to soothe the soul and gladden the spirit

Sacred Honey Potions

Deliciously enchanting multi-purpose honey potions spellcast and infused with wild-crafted flower blossoms, flower essences, organic herbs, and essential oils.

Scrubs, Body Polishes, and Shower Frostings

Gleefully exfoliating whipped bath time concoctions filled with skin loving ingredients including shea butter, herb infused oils, and organic botanicals.


Artisan soaps spellcast with wildcrafted flower essences, botanical plant extracts, skin loving oils, and lots of fat positivity!

Spells, Potions, and Magickal Notions

A gateway to the realm of magick where the possibilities are endless

Whipped Body Butters and Souffles

Unbelievably decadent herb infused handmade concoctions created to cover your body in a spell of luxurious self care.

Fat Positive Treasure Chest

Collection of all the goodies on this site that are bursting at the seams with fat positive awesomeness!

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