Sacred Heart Potions

Botanical Love Potions and Enchanted Elixirs
Botanical Love Potions and Magickal Elixirs

Little bottles full of handcrafted liquid magick that are imbued with the sacred plant spirits found within organic herbs, wildcrafted flower essences, and raw artisan honey.

Flower Essences
Flower Essences

Spirit soothing potions containing the gentle vibrational energy of wildcrafted sacred plant allies

Gem Elixirs and Essences
Gem Elixirs, Essences, and Hydrosol Blends

Liquid potions of enchantment featuring the gentle vibrational imprint of crystals, gemstones, and organic artisanal hydrosols

Tea Blends
Tea Blends

Enchanting tea blends that contain nothing but organic herbs, wildcrafted botanicals, and lots of love

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“You were created, because your own unique combination of energies was desired…by all that is.”

-Niki Randa