Sacred Honey Potions

Sensually invigorating edible potions spellcast with sacred flower essences, artisan raw honey and freshly wildcrafted blossoms collected in the full blush of spring

Sacred Lwa Honey Potions

Edible multi-purpose potions spellcast with loving devotion the Lwa, sacred spirits of Vodou using sacred flower essences, organic botanicals, and artisan raw honey.

Sacred Orisha Honey Potions

Edible multi-purpose potions spellcast in loving devotion to the Orisha, sacred Yoruban spirits and infused with organic botanicals, essential oils, and flowere essences

Sacred Goddess Honey Potions

Lusciously edible multi-purpose honey potions divinely inspired by sacred goddesses and handcrafted with organic botanicals, wild crafted flower essences, and raw artisan honey.

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“We lived for honey. We swallowed a spoonful in the morning to wake us up and one at night to put us to sleep. We took it with every meal to calm the mind, give us stamina, and prevent fatal disease. We swabbed ourselves in it to disinfect cuts or heal chapped lips. It went in our baths, our skin cream, our raspberry tea and biscuits. Nothing was safe from honey…honey was the ambrosia of the gods and the shampoo of the goddesses.”

Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees