Crimson Goddess

Bath and Beauty

Luxuriously hand crafted potions created to spiritually ground and remind sensual providers how beautiful and powerful they are.

Crimson Goddess Honey Potions

Intoxicatingly edible multi-purpose honey potions spellcast with organic botanicals, wildcrafted flower essences, crystals, and raw artisan honeys from around the world.

Flower Essences, Potions, Elixirs, Etc.

Healing wild crafted botanicals potions created with lots of love.


Powerful handcrafted objects of magick spellcast specifically for the vibrant members of the sensual provider community.

Tea Blends

Tea blends handcrafted and spellcast with organic botanicals.

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“When people were in serious trouble they went to a witch.*

* Sometimes, of course, to say, “please stop doing it.”

— Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum