Sulfate, paraben, and artificial fragrance free soaps infused with organic essential oils, flower essences, and botanicals.

I love my rolls
Fat Positive Soaps

Flower essence infused soaps created and spellcast with tons of love, magick, and unapologetic fat positivity.

Trans is Beautiful4

Soaps lovingly infused with flower essences, botanical extracts, luscious scents, and tons of magickal queer positivity

Blue Berry Bounty Herb Infused Goddess Soap8
Goddess and Sacred Spirit Inspired Soaps

These beautiful flower essence and botanical extract infused soaps are created in dedication to goddesses and sacred spirits revered around the world.

Fragrance Free Soaps

Flower essence infused soaps that are spellcast and created without using any artificial fragrances.

raspberry lemonade
Whipped Soaps

Delightfully fluffy and foamy soap concoctions infused with lots of skin loving moisturing magick.

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“You were created, because your own unique combination of energies was desired…by all that is.”

-Niki Randa