Easing Into Ancestor Veneration

I know that for many of us out there, the idea of communication with one’s ancestors sounds very complex and intimidating. The best advice I can give people who don’t know where to start or don’t have the resources/time/safe space to start an ancestral altar is to just start talking to them.

Talk to them on a regular basis. Tell them how you are feeling at that given moment. Begin your day by telling them “good morning ” and end your day by telling them “goodnight “. You will be very surprised at how easily talking to your ancestors becomes a part of your daily routine!

Addressing your ancestors with respect is a given, but what about those times when you want to express anger, disappointment, or some other intensely unpleasant emotion? I always start by using their respectful titles and beginning the conversation with the phrase”…I don’t/didn’t understand when……”

Purple was Grandma’s favorite color!

A major turning point for me happened when I finally had a painful conversation with my grandmother about all of the sexual abuse that happened on that side of the family.

I asked questions, I cried, I screamed, I howled, and I eventually just collapsed. Then I listened to what she had to say. I continued to listen. I heard her and she heard me. At the end of our talk, a song suddenly started playing on Pandora about a grandmother giving loving advice to her granddaughter and I was right back to crying and collapsing again….lol!

Your greatest tool in communicating with your ancestors is your heart. The altar will come when they know you are ready. Don’t be afraid. Trust yourself. You got this!

Love, Me

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