Last Floral Harvest of the Season- A Witch’s Candid Confession

Last harvest of flowers for this year will go into potent Samhain medicine and smoke/smudge sticks.

In the spirit of witch solidarity through emotional transparency, I am going to start sharing more of the emotional reality that is going on as I take beautiful pictures of the land where I live.

Today was as cold as a puritan’s tit up here in the mountains and my cats chewed up my gloves, which means harvesting turned into an act of pure masochism after about 5 minutes!  I have 3 dogs who love watching and following me wherever I go, which means that any area outside of my fenced in witch’s garden has the potential of turning into a puppy poop palace at a moment’s notice. This frozen ass morning, I spotted a gorgeous patch of vibrant blue vervain this morning only to discover upon closer inspection that my 3 furry turd rockets had beaten me to it…lol! 



There is a massive sacred juniper tree that I dedicated to the Germanic goddess Hulda where I harvest medicine from periodically that my large arsed percheron horse used as a butt scratching post when she got out of her pasture last week. Let me assure you there is something special about frozen finger harvesting medicine around the large barren area that is suspiciously shaped like a horse’s left butt cheek!

Lastly, This beautiful photo is filter free not because I am striving for more artistic authenticity in my witchy photos, but simply because by the time I got finished navigating my way around a couple of frozen acres of majestic nature, I just didn’t give a shit anymore!

Yay for witch candor!!

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