Flower and Stone Infused Salt Tutorial

Flower and Stone Infused Salt Tutorial

Hi all!

My Beloved Watson is attending Passover services so I have to actually write my own blog today <shudder>


As a giddy rootwoman, I love working with all kinds of plants but my first magickal love has always been flowers.  There’s just something special about their appearance, scent, and energy that helps reconnect and ground me when I can’t seem to focus or find myself experiencing a massive anxiety attack.  I am all about flower power!!!

I love exploring all of the wonderful methods of keeping plant spirits close to me throughout the year which is how I came upon my gleeful obsession with flower essences, flower pressing, and finding cookbooks that feature entrees bursting with flower magick!  The winter months when most plant life is lying dormant and getting some much deserved rest is the time when I seem to need the companionship offered by my floral allies the most.   Making flower and stone infused salt during the growing season is a surefire way for me to always have a way to infuse floral magick into whatever spells I’m casting no matter what season it is!


Here is my version of flower and stone infused salt 🙂

You will need:

-Sea Salt (not dead sea salt which retains moisture and will harden into clumps that are very difficult to break up)

-Several handfuls of your favorite fresh flowers.  You can use only one kind or a combination thereof! (note: make sure that they’re not wet)

-A clean large ceramic or glass container that includes a lid

-Whatever stone/crystal that aligns with the magickal intention that you want to imbue into the salt

-Clear mind and focused magickal intentions (if you have anxiety and/or ptsd issues like me and aren’t hearing impaired,  playing relaxing music in the background that helps keep you in a focused state can be very helpful )




Cover the entire bottom of your container with sea salt.   You are creating your initial layer of magickal intention and protection which is why I consider it very important that no part of the bottom of the surface is left uncovered by the salt 🙂

(the above photo is actually the third layer but I wanted to give you an idea of how the bottom should be completely covered)



Lay a single layer of your flowers over the top of the salt.  Cram as many flowers as your heart desires being very mindful to not overlap them.



Add another layer of sea salt on top of  your flowers making sure to completely cover them with at least 1/2-1 inch of salt.



With the last of your flower companions create a magickal pattern formation and lay your gemstone/crystal in the dead center.  Cover and store in a dark cool place.  Let it charge for a least one month.

(you see those photogenic water droplets on the petals?  Those droplets meant that I had to break up a lot of clumps one month later…lol!)



You will know that your flower and stone infused salt is ready when the flowers that are completely dry and brittle.

Sometimes parts of the salt will have dried in clumps but it should be relatively easy to break the salt back up into the desired consistency again.

I like leaving the dried flowers in the salt but you can strain them out and save them for other uses later.

When you’re done admiring the beautiful magick you’ve created place your infused salt in a moisure proof container until you’re ready to use!


Some Things to Consider:

-I found that if I planned to use an odd number of layers it would guarantee that the top layer would be the salt layer.  For example, if I used 3 or 5 layers than I was guaranteed to have a top salt layer without it being complicated 🙂

-Make sure that the stone/crystal that you will is compatible with salt.  I had to learn the hard way that there are some crystals (turquiose, malachite, moonstones, and opal to name a few)  that actually have a very adverse reaction when paired with salt.

-If you will be including the salt in spells and potions that will come in contact with skin and/or will be ingested, choose flowers that are safe for those corresponding uses.

-On the first night of it’s creation, consider giving your salt creation a sun or moonbath.  If indoors and in a place away from pets, simply take the lid off  and let your salt soak in all the magick.  If outdoors, remove the lid but cover it with a sheer mesh cloth to keep the night creatures from adding their magickal 2 cents to your creation (unless that’s what you want of course!)  Keep in mind that there are some stones/crystals that are sunlight sensitive so do a little research 🙂

Moonlight however is always welcome!

-Incorporating moon phases into when you make your salt is a wonderful way to add a complex lunar layer to your spell!

-You don’t have only use flowers!  You also can incorporate your favorite roots, just be cognizant of how the salt will be used.  For example, if you will be incorporating mandrake (Mandragora officinarum ) into your infused salt formula, then it isn’t safe to use in food and medicine based spellwork.  Roots pack quite a magickal punch (and are pretty expensive if you have to buy them) so you don’t need to use much 🙂



What if a month later the flowers still aren’t dry?

This has happened to me when I got punch drunk with the flower!  Simply remove the crystal from the top layer and stir the salt and flowers up thoroughly making sure that .  I know that it will completely mess up the beautiful layers that you’ve created but we want to ensure that all of the flowers are completely dry before using.  Be sure to break up the clumps and add more salt if you feel the mixture is too moist.


What if there’s mold?

I would err on the side on caution and throw the batch away.  Make sure to take copious notes on what went wrong.  Was it stored someplace that was humid?  Did the lid get knocked off and water find a way in?  Mistakes are a part of the learning process so be gentle on yourself!


It doesn’t have enough or any of the flower scent I was hoping for!

This can sometimes happen depending on the type of flower being used but rest assured the flower’s magick is in there!  You can always add a little essential or fragrance oil if you’d like.


Can I use flowers from the store or the side of the road?

Unless it’s specifically labelled as organic, I would not use store bought flowers due to the high amount of pesticides and artificial colorants that are used.  I would recommend against using flowers found alongside busy roads due to the high level of toxins (both chemical and emotional) they can absorb from the high flow of traffic they are exposed to.

However, I do consider isolated country roads with little to no sign of vehicular travel to be a quaint exception 🙂


What about graveyard/cemetary flowers?

While they are indeed a very powerful addition, only use flowers that are found growing naturally NOT ones that have been planted at the gravestones by bereaved family members.  Be very certain you are absolutely positive about the identification of the flowers you’re harvesting.  Don’t forget to leave payment to spirits for the flowers and to clean up a least a little of the trash that tends to accumulate in cemeteries and graveyards.  A little gratitude and courtesy towards the dead goes a long way 🙂












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