Vending Phase ONE

Hello ALL!


So  what you amazing soapers know,  and what us as people that love our soapers need to  get used to,  are what I call  the three phases of vending. 

This is phase one:







When your entire residence explodes in color,  flavor , and aroma. 

Every room  is  packed to  the gills  with  making sure that the right stock  is at hand for the event to  come.

For you soaper lovers out there-   understand that there are going to  be things that are normal  during this time of preparation:


Your soaper  will  be mumbling to themselves- a lot.

Just remember it makes sense to  them,  even  if it does not to  you.


Your soaper will  talk  in  their sleep- usually saying things like:  SLSA, FDA guidelines, and  on  sale

If they start doing hand gestures in their sleep,  that is also normal.

Cuddle them  extra close.


They may walk  around in  circles multiple times. 

Just watch  them  carefully,  and  make sure that they eat and drink.


They may fall  asleep  in  various places-  the computer,  the couch,  standing still in  the kitchen.

This is perfectly normal,  as the hours that your beloved soaper will be putting  in  before an  event. 


So  just recognize that  the time,  effort and emotional fortitude that it takes to prepare for vending is intense. 

Soapers are deeply emotionally attached to  what they do,  and the day to  day of running a website is completely different then  the intensity of standing up  before a crowd and saying “this is me”.


So  love your soaper,  put them  in  bubble wrap,  and  suppport them  through  what they are about to  do .

















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