Preparing for Next week, vending at Spring Pan

Sherlock  is vending Friday and  Saturday next week. All  week she has been  prepping for her space. There are bags of weird things coming into  the house. Lots of colors,  glitter,  things that smell good,  large heavy bags,  and boxes of supplies.

It was definitely a learning curve on  how to  prepare for an  event.

This week,  Sherlock  found a site about all  things  vending, she was enthralled!

This women’s advise about protocol,  how to  vend,  and how to  prep your space was invaluable.

Find her here:

So Sherlock  is still  refining her look,  her tables, how things need to  be set out, labeled,  and organized.

She has a castle for her oils, and they organize them  beautifully,  but it can  be overwhelming having so many oils to  go  through.

So  she picked up  another castle and has spent the last week decorating and painting it.  It has been  a rest from  pumping up her product line for the vending event.

And I thought you would like to see the pictures of a work  in  progress.




These are pictures of her  using stencils to  burn  pics into  the wood. She painted sigil’s throughout, and then  painted the entire castle blue and gold.



These aren’t the finished product.  She has some burnings that are optical  allusions.  Really in depth  stuff.

But as we are  prepping for  next week  I am  already in  her way.

So  more pictures after she goes to  sleep!!!!






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