A naturally scented (fragrance free) gentle blend of sea salt, organic herbs, flower essences, and wildcrafted flora, this salt bath was made with lots of love and magickal intent with the purpose of being a helpful tool to aid in rituals of spiritual rejuvenation and cleansing when feeling overwhelmed by society’s relentless crusade against all things fat and body positive.

Yemoja’s Embrace includes instructions on how to use it in the shower and/or sink for those who have limited mobility or don’t have access to a bath tub 🙂

A full size jar contains enough salt for  1-3 Baths

***This product is vegan friendly***

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Yemoja, Queen of the Sea is among the most powerful and beloved of the Seven African Powers found within Yoruba influenced spiritual beliefs and is commonly revered as a gloriously fat, sexy, and complex matriarch.  Yemoja has profound associations with the sea and saltwater and can appear as either a mermaid or beautiful fat dark-skinned woman with a jaw dropping rolling, hip swaying walk that evokes the sea.  Whatever gender you possess, roll your beautiful expansive hips like the sea siren you truly are!

Before taking a shower or bath, take the time to appreciate that no matter how turbulent the sea of life has gotten, you have survived.   You are here because you are a phenomenal, magickal, beautiful, resilient, and beautifully fat bodied gift to the multiverse.  Yemoja, being the Queen of all oceans is reigning queen who presides over of the healing powers of salt and water.  Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in her nurturing and loving embrace.


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