Xochiquetzal’s Grove Honey Potion(Wildcrafted Peach Blossom)


This handcrafted and spellbound multi-purpose honey potion was created in dedication to the beautiful and sensual Aztec goddess, Xochiquetzal. Deliciously complex in flavor and magickal intention, this honey potion contains raw organic  honey, lovingly wildcrafted fresh peach blossoms, jasmine co2, and a custom blend of flower essences.

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The powerful Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal is a beautiful force of nature who lovingly presides over and protects sensuality, pregnancy, sexuality, menstruation, florists, healers, artists, midwives, crafters of luxury items, and sex workers.  Flowers rank among her favorite offerings to receive and the sensually deep pink petals of spring time peach blossoms are a fitting tribute indeed.


Contains: Raw organic honey, wildcrafted prunus persica blossoms (peach), organic jasminum grandiflorum co2 extract (jasmine), water, alcohol, 4 x dilution of wildcrafted datura wrightii infusion, 4x infusion of flowers of cereus greggii

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