This handcrafted and spellbound honey potion was inspired by the Lwa (Vodou spirit)  of healing sacred sexuality, Silibo, aka Grande Silibo.  Deliciously soothing, this honey potion contains raw organic  honey, three different types of wildcrafted roses including one whole fresh rose per jar, exotic cardamom, and a blend of intoxicating flower essences. 

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  Silibo Nouvavou, Grandee Shi-lih0bo, Maman Silibo, Silibo No Mawou, Silibo Vavou who appears as a powerful woman who enjoys without shame,  the complexity and power of her sexual nature.  She presides over spiritual cleansing rituals, sacred sexuality, candle magick, clairvoyance, and crystal ball gazing. She bathes and dances in the fiery sexually charged waters of the sun.   Silibo is the scarlet woman who burns crimson not from shame, but the sheer power and force of her fiery nature.

  Silibo is invoked to heal from sexual abuse, non-consensual humiliation, violation, and degradation because she burns away the shame and guilt of these traumatic experiences.  She is also the spirit to petition when you want to awaken sexuality and/or rediscover your sense of sexual ecstasy!

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