Charged and blessed during a rare solar eclipse, this lovingly created and extremely powerful botanical conjure oil is specifically made for spellcasting where the magickal intent centers around honoring and protecting courtesans, companions, and models from the malevolent gaze and intent of others both in and out of the workplace.  This formula is made in the tradition of old school conjure and contains high magick ingredients such as ground nightshade, alligator teeth, owl feathers, and graveyard dirt. 

*This product is not vegetarian or vegan friendly!*

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The mother oil of this intoxicating formula was charged during a solar eclipse and is a potent synergy of botanical ingredients including nightshade, organic and wildcrafted flowers, organic essential oils, and graveyard dirt.  Multi-purpose in nature, this oil than can be used in a variety rituals including protection, money blessing, cleansing baths, sex magick, and candlemancy.

Each bottle is inscribed with nsibidi symbols as a final blessing and declaration of magickal intent along with the moon phase of when this particular batch was bottled and magickally sealed.  The nsibidi symbols roughly translate to read:

“witch/holder of aje prevents danger from affecting the courtesan”  and  bottled during the full moon

*This product is not vegetarian or vegan friendly!*

All of my oils are joyously created in small batches with organic and/or wildcrafted botanical ingredients’. All of the animal based ingredients’ (snake sheds, stag horn, spider webs, etc.)  in my spellwork have been lovingly and humanely collected with permission and gratitude.

For external use only.

Net Weight: 1 oz/ 28 g


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