Sacred Heart Client Clearing Ritual Candle for Sex Workers


This 5 day candle has been dressed with the intention of serving as a powerful magickal aid for sex workers in the blessing and clearing of their personal space after dealing with clients.   Each herb, resin, and essential oil used in the dressing of this candle has been ritually charged with protection spells and incantations.

This magickally enhanced candle is spellbound with nsibidi symbols, moon glyph symbols, and spellcast botanicals.   It is then lovingly packaged with dried botanicals and a ritual suggestion parchment.

This spell is inclusive of all genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations and applies to everyone who falls under the sex worker umbrella including but not limited to: strippers, escorts, pro-dommes, pro-submissives, cam girls/guys/people, fetish models, porn actors, sugar babies, street walkers, courtesans, etc. 

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The blessing and protection spell is roughly translated to mean:







Important Note:  The pattern and type of botanicals spellbinding each candle may sometimes vary depending on the season, availability, and spirit calling of each candle dressed.

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