A magickally enhanced botanical bath oil infused with a sacred blend of wildcrafted lunar eclipse charged rose infused oil, organic frankincense essential oil, and scented with notes of midnight harvested pomegranate, juicy apples, and voluptuously scented roses.

*This product is vegan friendly *

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There are many epithets for the goddess Lilith including but not limited to: The Dark Maid, The Night Witch, My Lady Screech Owl, and Flame of the Revolving Swords.  Lilith is a shining example to many of the powerful strength and resilience inherent in the feminine divine.  She has survived countless slanders to her names as well as attempts to completely erase her name from history, spirituality, and folklore.  Despite all of this, she has remained a much loved goddess throughout time.


  Instructions:  Fill your bathtub with the desired temperature of water.  Take your bottle of bath and shake it vigorously while focusing all of your intention into creating a magickal bath time experience for yourself.  Pour the desired amount of bath oil into the water and treat yourself to a well deserved time of pampering!

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