A softly floral and sweet magickal elixir infused with the lunar extraction of beautiful plant spirits including sacred datura and mugwort created in dedication to the Orisha of love and sweetness, Oshun. 


Maferefun Oshun

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This little bottle of looooooove was created with the magickal intent of being a deliciously floral and sweet aid in your magickal journey of self love!  This is a love potion for helping you conquer that most luscious, delicious, amorous and elusive of sensual conquests….yourself.  On a daily basis we are all bombarded with messages of how we aren’t beautiful, special, powerful, magickal, or awesome just the way we are.  Words have power, and these words of negatively have cast a malevolent spell over how we look at ourselves and the type of treatment that we deserve.  Why not take steps to break that self destructive spell that you’re under?  Breathe a little slower, stare into the mirror a little longer, turn an ordinary act of getting ready to head outside such as doing your hair into a long and languorous beauty ritual complete with perfumed hairpins, , headscarves, hijabs, brushes and/or combs.

Learning to love and accept yourself as a beautiful child of Oshun has never been sweeter!


Directions:  You can put a few drops into your drink or take a teaspoon all by itself to enjoy Oshun’s sweetness unadorned.

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  1. Bethany

    I adore this blend from top to bottom. It has a pungent taste and strong rose scent. I love how it makes me feel, and I love what fortune it brings me and my confidence! Sometimes it works too well!

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