Lovingly infused with freshly wildcrafted peach, apple, and pear blossoms, this handcrafted and spellbound multi-purpose honey potion was created in dedication to the deliciously fat, beautiful, luscious, and bountiful bodies that can be found in great abundance at Beltane celebrations around the world.  This potion contains a myriad of spellcasting ingredients including rare organic Tupelo honey that has been lustily kissed with a sparkling touch of neroli essential oil and a custom blend of lunar flower essences including mugwort and sacred datura, loving the skin that you’re in has never been so magickal!



Beltane is a celebration of all things fertile, regenerative, sensual, joyful, and abundant and so are you,  you beautiful creature!  Whatever magnificent and amazing size you are, take some time to revel in how you have earned every right to have the space that you take up be honored and cherished with complete and utter sensual abandon.

Contains: Raw organic honey, wildcrafted prunus persica blossoms (peach), wildcrafted organic malus pumila blossoms (apple), wildcrafted pyrus communis blossoms(pear), organic jasminum grandiflorum co2 extract (jasmine), water, alcohol, 4 x dilution of wildcrafted datura wrightii infusion, 4x infusion of flowers of cereus greggii, 4x dilution of artemesia vulgaris,  6x dilution of wildcrafted Lilium parvum flowers infusion, organic Citrus aurantium essential oil (neroli)

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