Inspired by the primordial and powerful lwa (Haitian Spirit) of the wild woods, Gran Bwa, this deep forest invoking herb and flower essence infused honey potion was created a smiling and spirit soothing waxing moon and includes among its magickal ingredients:  kava kava, myrtle leaves, chamomile flowers, linden flowers, and sacred datura flower essence.


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Se nan bwa, fey nan bwa ye,
Se nan bwa, fey nan bwa ye,
Se mwen menm Gran Bwa

It’s in the woods, the leaves are,
It’s in the woods, the leaves are,
It is I Gran Bwa

Instructions:  You can use your potion in a myriad of ways!

-During winter months, add a spoonful of honey into your hot beverage to transform it into a wonderfully soothing potion.

-A wonderfully soothing addition for phone sex workers’ who like to drink tea after long calls 🙂

-Add  some into a tub full of very warm water for a sweetly meditative bath.

-You can always just put a spoonful directly into your mouth and savor the magickal herbal gifts’ of that Gran Bwa has to offer.

-You can put a tiny drop onto the candle you’re using for forest healing candle spells.

-The only limit is your fertile imagination!


Keep this jar in the sunlight and moonlight so that it can absorb more energy and love from the surrounding universe and turn over at least once a day.

Shelf Life:  Use Within 2 years.

Precautions:    Keep away from small children and pets.

Net Wt:  6 oz/ 171 g

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4 oz jar, 2 oz jar


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