“My fat body in undeniably juicy, succulent, and dripping with the promise of lusciousness unbound”


Invoking the powerful spirits of plant allies including Blushing Spring Peach Buds, Rose Infused Salt, Lavender, and Wild Damascus Roses, this botanical talisman has been spell cast and handcrafted with the intention of serving as a source of power and encouragement for you on your journey along the path of fat positivity and body acceptance. Each Enchanted Elemental includes a scroll filled with all of the gloriously fat positive magickal meditation/invocation for of each plant spirit residing within your talisman. 


 Loving the beautifully complex and delightful skin you’re in has never been so juicily magickal!


**This product is vegan friendly**

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You can carry this talisman with you or place it somewhere sacred where it is most needed.  The only limit is your imagination!


Excerpt from the Peach Blossom Meditation/Invocation Scroll:


“Sweet sprit of Roses, tell me again how the very thought my voluptuously soft and unapologetic fat belly swaying softly in the moonlight makes every petal upon your stem blush darkly crimson with amorous longing.  Society has made me ashamed of my tummy and I need to be reminded of her lunar power and beauty. “


Precautions:  The container is made of glass so be very mindful about where and how you store Them.

This Product is: 

-Spellcast with lots of loving fat positive magickal intentions.

-Vegan Friendly

-Not Tested on Animals

-Ethically wild crafted with permission from the plant spirits


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