Heady with a scent of reminiscent of pear wine, this handcrafted and spellbound multi-purpose honey potion was created in dedication to the Faerie King of mysterious origins, Oberon.  The spell this potion casts is centered around wildcrafted fresh pear blossoms, raw organic honey, and a custom blend of flower essences.

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This male identified spirit is looked upon as one of the numerous monarchs who rule over the fae.   Oberon first gained widespread notoriety thanks to Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, and has remained in the hearts of countless devotees ever since.  Oberon is drawn to and protects visionaries, noble warriors, and keepers of trickster based magickal traditions.  He embodies the magick, beauty, complexity, and sensuality inherent that is as prominent in our male energies as it is in our female.

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Weight 5 oz

mini potion bottle, potion bottle


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