Heady with the scent of apples and roses, this handcrafted and spellbound multi-purpose honey potion was created in dedication to the beautiful, powerful and eternally protective goddess, Lilith. Deliciously complex in flavor and magickal intention, this honey potion contains raw organic honey, lovingly wildcrafted fresh apple blossoms, organic rose otto, and a custom blend of flower essences that include a blood rose plant spirit extracted during a black moon.




With nicknames such as, The Dark Maid, Night Demon, Hand of Inanna, and Flame of the Revolving Sword, it should come as no surprise that this Goddess of Sumerian origin has a special place among witches, vampires, and other creatures who love dancing and howling at the moon as Queen Mother.  She is a wild and unchained spirit who dresses in crimson and wears’ her hair wild and unbound.  Lilith holds reign over all aspects of magick, spells of ineffable power, sex, fertility, and childbirth and is fiercely protective of her “children”.  Come and dance with her on the dark side of the moon!

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