Darkly delicious, mysterious, and soothing to the soul.  Magickally handcrafted spellbound multi-purpose honey potion inspired by the blessedly black and eternally elegant Ethiopian goddess Bilquis as portrayed by the breathtakingly beautiful Nigerian-American actress Yetide Badaki.  This beautiful honey potion is infused with a custom blend of  tupelo honey, flower essences, hand ground organic cacao, cardamom, roses, and a genuine cleansed and spellcast moonstone.

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Spellcast in the presence of a waxing moon and serenaded with the haunting melodies sung by women from the four corners of the world, Bilquis’s honey potion was created with the magickal intention of honoring the sacred act of transformation.  Step into the sweet arms of Bilquis and embrace the darkness.

Female identified Singers the Lunar Honey Potion was spellcast to:


-Jill Scott

-Loreena McKennit

-Nina Simone

  As you are bathing, tasting, or spell casting with your honey potion don’t forget to revel in your own multi-faceted nature.  Embrace the complexity that you bring to the universe by learning to love the beautifully mysterious, ever evolving, and honey sweet skin that you’re in.

Instructions:  You can use your potion in a myriad of ways!  You can put a spoonful of honey into your hot beverage or a tub full of very warm water for a meditative bath. You can put a tiny drop onto the candle you’re using for spells involving transformation.  You can put a spoonful directly into your mouth to enjoy the blessings’ of Bilquis.  The only limit is your fertile imagination!

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