A potent blend of graveyard, animal, and botanical ingredients’ created with the intent of invoking strong protection for when you feel scared and without hope.

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Very similar in its formula to the infamous goofer dust, Africanus Maleficarum Obeah Dust differs’ in that it is created for the purpose of being a powerful ally in very aggressive protection spells and rituals.  The dust was created using very “hot” Aje (feminine/ witch magick) so please use great caution in handling and casting with this product.  The conch shell top contains a “cooling” salt formula and binding spell which is then sealed with white wax to balance out and contain the power of the Obeah dust and should be kept on top of the Obeah dust bottle at all times when not in use.

All of my oils are joyously created in small batches with organic and/or wildcrafted botanical ingredients’.  All of the animal based ingredients’ (snake sheds, stag horn, spider webs, etc.)  in my spellwork have been lovingly and humanely collected with permission and gratitude.


Each bottle comes with instructions on how to open and use!

Precautions: Keep away from children, small pets, and unwitting loved ones.  Contains ingredients’ that are NOT meant to touch human skin for extended periods of time.  Do not use this in a bath!


Net Weight: 1 oz/ 28 g