This powerful kit was created with the intention of being a powerful magickal ally in your quest to reverse any hexes and evil eyes cast in your direction.  This spellcast ritual kit includes: 1) Sealed Obeah bottle to be opened upon receipt 2) Moon glyph engraved black candle 3) Nsibidi engraved black candle 4) Instructions/tips on the use of this kit.

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This ritual kit:

Is not vegan friendly

-Is filled with many unpleasant things that are very sharp.  Please handle with care!

–Spell cast with fiercely loving and protective energy

-Created in the ancient traditions of witchcraft not wicca.  Please do not use if you follow the “harm none” rede.

-Handcrafted in small batches

-Any and all animal parts,sheddings, and habitats is humanely gathered with permission from the deceased and revered/well loved and alive animal spirits.

–Not for internal use.



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