Soft, silky, and infused with aura enchanting organic essential oils, cold pressed vegan oils, and sun kissed magickal botanicals this conjure bath oil was created in dedication to the seven sisters of Fae queen Mycob (Micob) who were widely revered in Elizabethan English spellcasting.

**This product is vegan friendly**

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Worshipped and adored for their peerless knowledge in Elizabethan era magickal circles, the seven sisters of Queen Mycob are slowly coming back into the minds and hearts of spellcasters once again.  A different beautiful botanical is infused into the bath oil to represent the gifts of each sister and corresponds as follows:

Lillia-  Chamomile

Restillia-  Rose

Fata-  Jasmine

Falla- Marigold

Africa- Lavender

Julya-  Linden

Venalla- Cornflower

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