Welcome to The Laughing Goddess Magickal Apothecary where Body Positivity and Magick Come Together!

I am a dedicated fat activist ,size acceptance advocate, and sex worker ally who also happens to be a gleeful Mountain Witch and Root(hoodoo) Woman! It’s my belief that life is sweeter and more magickal when you learn to love your body and embrace all of it’s unique beauty and I truly enjoy making bath, beauty, and assorted goddess inspired products’ that are created with this philosophy in mind.

For me, adding little magickal touches to your everyday bath routine can transform a daily mundane experience into a transformative daily ritual of beauty where you honor and embrace the gorgeously complex features’ that you were blessed with!

In honor of the much cherished and loved friends’ and family in my life who are/have been sex workers’, I have created the Crimson Goddess line of magickal, bath, and beauty products’ that are made to pamper and indulge sex workers’ after a hard day’s work!

The mystically fun items offered here include whipped body butters, whipped body souffles, bubbling bars, bubble goddesses, bubble stars, handcrafted Sacred Woman Soaps, handcrafted Sacred Spirit Soaps, handcrafted bar and novelty soaps, emulsified sugar and salt scrubs, foaming bath whips, foaming bath scrubs, bath salts, custom blended flower remedies, salves, balms, herbal tea blends, assorted gris gris bags, body and fat positive honey jar spells, witch herbal baths, and lots’ of other assorted witchy and wonderful goodies!


  To ensure the highest quality possible, everything product on this site is made by hand in small batches.

I truly hope you enjoy looking around my little online Witch’s Cottage and that you come back again soon!