Laughing Goddess Magickal Apothecary

Embodying the Fat Goddess In Myself

The creative progression of the Willow Blossom and Nightshade Fat Goddess Spellbound Box was long and intense but she was worth it! In this society loving fat bodies takes some serious work (magickal and muggle based!). Just when you think you...

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Vending This Weekend!

Hi everyone! My Beloved will be a contestant in this weekend’s Bear and Cub Contest and we would love to have you all out there to come and show her some loving support.   I will also be vending some deliciously pumpkin and leather scented...

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New and Improved Sassy Soaps!

It was a very busy September for me vending wise with several of my largest events happening within only a week or two of each other, but I had a great time, met lots of wonderful new people, and spread lots of fat positive witchy goodness...

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My Beautiful Slave Feet

Awesome Fact: According to my DNA results I’m 90% African, which is ironically the only exam results I have received that my mum has ever fully approved of …lol! When I was little, my dad would lovingly point at my toes and say “my little girl...

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Spending a Sunset with Vervain

My favorite times to conjure always fall within some type of liminal space such as dusk, cloudy/rainy days where the sun is still peeking out, and eclipses. I have been working very hard to re-connect with the more magickal esoteric aspects of...

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My Vending Schedule Thus Far

-July 21st: @ 7pm Sidewinders for Ladies Keep Dancing Night Address:  8900 Central Ave SE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87123 -August 3rd: @ 6 pm Sidewinders for Friends of Dorothy First Fridays Address:  8900 Central Ave SE Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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