Creating the Fat Goddess Spellbound Boxes- A Six Month Love Affair

Almost done….let the weeping begin!!!

After six long and very challenging months of sanding, crystal charging, spellcasting, oil making, and resin melting the Botanical Fat Goddess Spellbound boxes are finally done…woohoo!

As a fat positive witch, I always have a hard time finding beautiful objects of magick that featured fat bodied creatures on them. I would fervently search high and low for images of fat goddesses and witches with little to know avail. Don’t get me wrong, I have an absolute appreciation for the thin bodied goddesses I come across in art and in real life, but as a fat bodied woman, seeing images of bodies that resemble my own is a wonderful visual reminder that how I take up space is just as magickal as my slender bodied sisters. Double the happy fattie points if I could find magickal goodies covered images of fat black witches and goddesses!

Patiently waiting in the enchanted forest waiting for some fat witch art to magickally appear in my house..

I have always wanted my own ritual boxes so I figured “why not make the fat goddess covered boxes that I have always wanted?”. Visions of fat black mermaids and triple moon goddesses started dancing around in my head. “Wait a minute, I am a badass witch, I can do it!” , I said to myself and the hapless cat that was sitting nearby minding it own business. So I went out to the local craft store and bought all of the supplies that I needed to get started on….and then I froze..

Oh my goddess..what was I thinking??!!!

I froze for about three months. I got very intimidated by what a time consuming and ritual intense project making the fat goddess boxes would truly be. I started telling myself that I was an egomaniac thinking that I had the magickal skill to undertake such a complex set of rituals invoking all five elements to do justice to what I wanted to create. I started asking myself what right did I have to think that I could do this when there are other more talented witches than myself out there. …and then I started dreaming…..

I started dreaming of my ancestors, I started dreaming of the lwa, I started dreaming of the orisha, I started dreaming of all the loving and supportive shoulders that I am standing on. Then I started slowly working

I took my time and trusted my instincts. I only worked on the spellbound boxes when I was completely confident in the step that I would take next because I learned very early on in the project that undertaking the next step/ritual out of a sense of time constraint and/or anxiety led to very big mistakes being made.

I stopped keeping track of time that it was taking me and things started flowing a lot easier. The rituals invoked began feel like second nature and before I knew it six months had passed and I was finally done with the first half of the goddess boxes (the second half will be painted).

I can’t wait to see where the muse takes me next!!

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