The Magick of Damiana

The Magick of Damiana

The first time I met the herb damiana it was during an Herbal Aphrodisiacs workshop being taught by La Abeja Herbs, and it was love at first sight. Or should I say love at first taste and smell.The scent of damiana was an intoxicating blend of earthy and mystical and her taste left me spellbound.

As a survivor of childhood trauma, being present in my body can sometimes feel painful and jarring but I found that sipping the bitter and aromatic infusion was a sensual experience in the truest sense of the word. She allowed me to slowly and sweetly sink into “being present” in a way that only bellydancing or moon bathing had previously done.

I have since come to recognize Damiana one of my sacred spirit plants and I have spent many a happy night studying spells, potions, and rituals while sipping on a cup of damiana and rose tea.  I am hoping you all take a moment to enjoy how amazing you truly are with a cup of damiana induced magick as well.


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