the message

Sherlock  has a lot of talent in  many areas.  Gardening,  dancing,  public speaking,  root work.

One of the things that I find fascinating is that she is always in  the process of creating something new. 

Everything that she creates is a part of her.  It is all  unique,  meticulously done, and infused with  her intention and energy.

So  one day I left in  the morning and took  pictures   of these:


(please excuse the blurriness)



Looks like dirt, smells  like fruit and wood.
















Smells  like apple  cider






And when I returned home, they were these:



     Blood Queen  bath  Bombs,  hand painted





                                                                      BASTET Midnight Cider Bath bomb,  also  hand painted.  





And the babies:





How cool  is that?

Sherlock  picks themes and colors that speak  to her spiritually.  The women  of size on  her side,  the power of taking “space”.  The black cats that  create  a surreal  experience of black  water that surrounds you in  peace.  These aren’t just soaps, they are  messages. You  have  the right to  take space.  You have the right to experience color with  all of your joy. Take it.   



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