Every Sherlock needs a Watson

Without a doubt between the two of us My Love is the “Sherlock”. I delight in sitting back and listening to her “soaper mind” as she takes apart an item, or builds on in her head. Like Sherlock, she can look into the item so deeply that she can rattle off the ingredients without blinking an eye.  While I get to sit back and simply appreciate my commonness by comparison. So I have decided that I will be the John Watson to her Sherlock. I will get to write about all of her adventures as she is off and running with her new project or re stocking the supplies on her site. Making stuff that looks, smells, and feels like I can eat it, when I really can’t, and as she challenges herself to do something new.


To start, I am taking a page for the Sherlock show done by BBC with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. If you watch the show, there is one where John looks in the fridge for breakfast and there was a head in the fridge. Anyone who is married to a soaper knows exactly what that feels like.


This is a normal people fridge:








This is a soaper fridge:









So this is John Watson saying “stay tuned soaper fans! The soaper game is a foot!”






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