The Power of Mistakes

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Hi All!  Well it looks like I’ve put off writing my first post long enough and it’s time that I get to finally writing something.  At first, I was going to write a pithy introduction where I gave a brief history about myself and my inter-connected journey into witchcraft and fat activism but that didn’t seem to fit how I was feeling at the time.   I then realized that the subject that is near and dear to my heart right now is the transformative power of mistakes.

As I’m typing this, there are 3 pounds of  hand made bubble wands and bubble bath drops lovingly nestled in  my garbage can because of an formula experimentation session gone wrong.  Angrily scribbled in my Formula Book of Shadows are the words, “DO NOT USE COCONUT OIL IN BUBBLE DOUGH FORMULAS…IT’S EVEEEEEEEEEL!!!!!!!!!!!”.   I’m exaggerating of course.  I only used 4 exclamation marks and I spelled evil correctly.   I made a very expensive (slsa is not cheap!) mistake and it taught me a couple of very important lessons’ such as: only experiment using small batches, don’t experiment using ingredients’ that I’m almost out of, be patient with myself, and using all caps in Books of Shadows makes me feel all important and wizardy.



(sorry, I had to get that out of my system)


Making mistakes and honestly chronicling them is a very important tool in every magickal practitioner’s arsenal no matter what their area of expertise.  I also feel that as we pass on our knowledge  and share our experiences’ with each other, being candid about the mistakes’ that we make along the way helps foster a more compassionate and well rounded communities.  Whenever I start to feel like a cocky rootworkin’ know-it-all, nothing bops’ me off my high broomstick faster than me reminding myself that I can’t make it through a 3 month period without making some massive magickal faux-pas or other.

  Being a part of very diverse array of artisanal communities such as soapers, lotion crafters’, rootworkers’, and healers’ has given me a profound appreciation of how much more I am able to truly savor my learning process when I allow myself room to breathe and learn (not panic) from my mistakes and the mistakes of others’.

My first batch of bear claw bath melts’ didn’t even dissolve in the bathtub right. They just floated on top of the water and made an occasional angry “bloop!” noise at me!

Like everyone else, it’s very easy for me to get caught up in the ogling all of the gorgeous photographs’ that my fellow witches have on their own social media and e-commerce outlets, and I sometimes come away feeling very insecure about where I am and what my handmade goodies look like to the outside world.  At times like these, it can be very hard for me to remember that everyone’s path is fraught with mistakes that eventually lead to triumphs just like mine.  Without mistakes, missteps, and the classic “wtf was I thinking when I did that?” colossal level blunders, we wouldn’t savor our hard won accomplishments’ nearly half as much.

You’re not amazing in spite of your mistakes, you’re amazing because of them!

It took me two years’ to get what I wanted out of whipped body butter formulas’ and I’m still learning and making mistakes!





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  • Bren Posted June 11, 2016 4:32 am

    Eve, the site is stunning!!!!

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