¬†Welcome Weary Traveler…..

  Within these walls lies all manner of magick and sanctuary for the soul.

All of the treasures you will find here are spellcast and handcrafted in small batches to ensure that meticulous attention to detail is given to every item.

This is a realm where fat bodies are cherished, worshiped, and absolutely spoiled with a wealth of handmade potions to gladden the heart and luxuriate the body.

Here be all manner of hand crafted bath bombs and bath melts infused with herb infused oils to soften the skin and flower essences to heal the scared child within..

Handcrafted Magick Awaits You........

Balms, Botanical Oils, and Solid Perfumes

Lovingly handmade soothing emollients infused with wildcrafted and organic botanicals, essential oils, and extracts

Bubbling Bath Magick

Bath bombs, bath melts, shower steamers, and ritual baths infused with a dazzling array of flower essences, herb infused oils, and positive magickal intentions

Containing only the finest organic and wildcrafted botanical ingredients, these luxury handmade bath, beauty, and ritual products lovingly spellcast for the sensual provider community.

Crimson Goddess
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Around every corner you will find that there are sweet potions and words of comfort for transgender and non-binary creatures struggling to remember their magick.

Here is a place of unconditional love, healing, and fiercely protective magick for those who provide all manner of sensual relief to an ungrateful society.

This is a land where the power of 7 ancients African kingdoms has been awakened and reigns supreme over all things above and below the waters of death.

Here sweet traveler you are safe.